How much does it cost?

candiDate is a free Android app.

Why shouldn’t I just use Tinder?

candiDate connects you to someone who shares your beliefs, values, and positions on core issues. We’re all about what’s going on above your waist — if you’re focused on the other kind of positions, we recommend Tinder.

Where do you get your questions and the data on politicians?

The questions and responses in candiDate are sourced from the national research organization Vote Smart. Started by Presidents Carter and Ford, along with 40 other prominent leaders of both major parties, Vote Smart is funded by individual contributions and is dedicated to impartially collecting data on every politician. It has completely unbiased information on six main areas: voting records, biographical details, public comments, issue positions, ratings by every liberal to conservative group, and campaign contributors. For the politicians we use Vote Smart’s data and simplify it applying a Thumbs Up or Down symbol.

How do I report objectionable content?

If you find objectionable content in the app, please contact security@candidateapp.com.

Who made candiDate and why?

candiDate got its start at the first-ever Causathon, a hackathon that brought together developers, designers, marketers and product managers in an intensive collaboration to produce impactful technology solutions for non-profit organizations.

The members on our team — who’d never met before Causathon — chose to work with Rock the Vote. The goal was to create something that would inspire more young people to register to vote. Over 50% of 18-29 year old eligible voters aren’t registered so we created a fun dating app that also gets them engaged with the political process. After being selected as a Causathon Finalist, some of us kept working with HelpsGood, an agency focused on amplifying #socialgood through marketing, fundraising, mobilization and product development, to launch…

candiDate logo

A dating app for conscientious singles that uses your politics to help you find like minded people with interests and concerns that are bigger than themselves. If that sounds like you, we hope you find the candiDate that wins your heart and mind.